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December 11, 2012


Phil A

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the Nugenix article.

Would appreciate your opinion about IGF-1 aka Deer Velvet Antler Extract in boosting testosterone and muscle regenerative properties. Also T Bomb product from bodybuilding.com

From what I've heard about IGF-1 product is that it works better because it's not synthetic, like some products.

I'm mid 50's, was about 30 lbs overweight, lost a dozen so far and always played sports and was in shape, but never did the weights, didn't need to, but after the most recent 15 pounds, I started feeling bad, and diabetes runs in my family and was already diagnosed with low thyroid, on synthroid, but amount keeps getting higher and higher, so I quit because I felt the artificial thyroid hormone was suppressing my real thyroid production.

Another related question, was that you mentioned eating lots of 'cruciferous' vegetables, but they tend to work against the thyroid and I'm already low. I'm feeling better since I've been working out, eating better, but haven't had blood test to measure yet. Doesn't thyroid work together with other things to assist in increasing testosterone production?

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