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September 03, 2012


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great man :D


Really good point, Dai. Instead, they cleverly mislead by mentioning a couple of unrelated studies in a sequence in which the reader will extrapolate and conclude exactly what they want him to.

BTW, I've personally tested Tongkat Ali. I didn't use Andro 400, but did use high doses (up to three grams daily) of 'quality' stuff from what's supposed to be a reputable Indonesian company. I didn't notice any tell-tale signs of 'jacked' T-levels. In fact, I didn't notice a damned thing. And, I keep meticulous records of my muscle building progress.

My personal recommendation to readers: Don't waste your money on 'longjack.'


I don't get it. If these guy's were confident that there product did what it said it did, where are there test results on people. It quite easy to test for testosterone levels so where are there test on people.

If a company puts out a product that can be tested but does not test then that company/product is useless or a con. They are using lax advertising laws to get away with selling snake oil.

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