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“Somatotypes for Muscle Building”: Don’t let this idea hold you back

“Does Andro 400 Work”; does it increase testosterone?

Anyone asking the question “does Andro 400 work” might want to first ponder a relevant question:

“Does higher testosterone result in lower body fat or does lower body fat result in higher testosterone?”

That question’s relevant because the marketers of Andro 400 are angling their Ageless Male-like product at guys who are middle-aged and older with the notion that if we boost our testosterone, the fat will start falling off.

Andro 400But if you’re one of the guys asking “does Andro 400 work”, you should know an important fact first: A high fat level results in lower testosterone. Body fat, especially the kind accumulated in the belly area, raises estradiol levels. This heightened amount of endogenous female hormone can squelch testosterone in a man as likely as would the accidental ingestion of a handful of women’s estrogen pills.

But testosterone, if marginally raised by a high enough amount, can help burn calories and fat stores as well. This might turn the whole issue of testosterone and body fat into the quintessential “chicken and egg” question of which comes first. Thus, to answer the question “does Andro 400 work”, one must really ask a two-fold question:

  • Does testosterone appreciably lower body fat when raised by any degree that can be accomplished endogenously (inside the body)?
  • Is Andro 400 effective for raising endogenous testosterone?

The answer to the question “does Andro 400 work” basically boils down to whether there’s any plant extract in the world that somehow stimulates testosterone production in the body.

‘Does Andro 400 Work?’ The Research being cited

To address the question ‘does Andro 400 work’, we first need to analyze the ingredients of the product. The company’s website claims that each capsule of Andro 400 contains 300 mg. of “pure eurycoma longifolia.” It also claims that dosage instructions for the product are “2 tablets per day for most men.” It goes on to say that some men “with very low testosterone” might need 3 to 4 capsules per day to see results they desire.

First off, eurycoma longifolia is nothing new; it’s a product that’s been around for a while. It’s the name of a flowering plant native mostly to Indonesia and Malaysia, but is found in smaller amounts within other Southeast Asian countries. The roots of the plant are often boiled in order to remove the extract that’s claimed by some marketers to be a testosterone booster. In marketing or street vernacular, the product is referred to as either ‘Tongkat Ali’ or ‘Longjack.’

On the Andro 400 website, it’s interesting to see that the first study cited is one in which exogenous testosterone was administered. The website claims (without references) that a Swedish study showed 9 of 11 men who received “supplemental testosterone” for six weeks experienced reductions in waist and hip circumference. What’s important is that this was an outside-the-body source of testosterone that was administered to the research subjects. It hardly adds direct credibility to the idea that Andro 400 will be effective in burning body fat. The obvious question is whether the eurycoma longifolia present in Andro 400 will raise testosterone enough (if at all) to produce similar results.

Trainer and Client (2)

'Low Testosterone': Is it really due to aging or is it more a result of carrying excess body fat?

Undoubtedly, there’ve been studies demonstrating that dosage-dependent increases in testosterone can make a significant difference in the ease with which body fat is shed. That’s the good news. When T-levels go up, existing body fat is more easily lost and adipose tissue is less easily deposited. In one such study, 54 healthy young men were put through a 20 week, randomized, double-blind test in which five different doses of testosterone enanthate were administered. The men, ranging in age from 18 to 35, were given a weekly dose of 25, 50, 125, 300, or 600 mg. of the exogenous testosterone. Although the study delved into such particulars as to the regional distribution of adipose tissue as related to increased testosterone, the takeaway is that there was a correlation between the dose of testosterone increase and the amount of fat loss; the guys getting 600 mg. per week lost the most fat.

But a positive answer to the question ‘does Andro 400 work’ depends on whether 300 to 1,200 mg. of eurycoma longifolia will raise natural testosterone to any similar degree.

The Andro 400 website points out a rat study for its claim that eurycoma longifolia will do exactly that. This study is often cited by those promoting ‘longjack’ as a testosterone booster. It was done back in 2000 at the University of Malaysia. In the experiment, the castrated male rodents were given orally administered doses of ‘long jack’ at 200, 400, and 800 mg. /kg. of body weight, twice-per-day. Results showed that the rats demonstrated improved sexual performance from the eurycoma longifolia extract in a dose-dependent manner.

What never seems to be pointed out about this study by product marketers is the dosage used. Even the lowest dosage given to the rats (200 mg. /kg. – twice daily) would equate to a daily intake of well over 30 grams of the extract for a 180-pound man.

What? The rats got the equivalent of thirty grams daily of the extract? Nothing on the market containing ‘longjack’ even comes close to that. Andro 400 provides a whopping dosage of 1,200 mg. at its highest recommended usage. Even if someone downed thirty grams, the possibility of toxicity would likely become an issue.

‘Testosterone Boosting’: Evidence Provides the First Step

Many guys asking the question ‘does Andro 400 work’ should probably take note of a recent study released by the Endocrine Society. The research, done over five years on nearly 1400 men with an average age of 54 years, showed no significant age-related decline in testosterone. Instead, researchers observed that changes in habits and health caused declines in the hormone more than did aging itself. One of the negative changes noted in the study was obesity; a significant gain in body fat.

This makes sense given that body fat increases the amount of a testosterone-to-estrogen conversion hormone in a man’s body. Once higher estrogen levels begin occupying the receptor sites where testosterone once resided, the loop-feedback that signals more testosterone to be produced is sort of “put to sleep.”

Can a product like Andro 400 awaken it and cause body fat to drop via higher testosterone?

Or does lower body fat need to first exist for testosterone to have a hope of being raised in the first place?

If I were a betting man, I’d wager on the latter being the case.

However, if you’ve tried Andro 400 or any other eurycoma longifolia product and you think it “worked” for you, we’d welcome your comments.


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great man :D


Really good point, Dai. Instead, they cleverly mislead by mentioning a couple of unrelated studies in a sequence in which the reader will extrapolate and conclude exactly what they want him to.

BTW, I've personally tested Tongkat Ali. I didn't use Andro 400, but did use high doses (up to three grams daily) of 'quality' stuff from what's supposed to be a reputable Indonesian company. I didn't notice any tell-tale signs of 'jacked' T-levels. In fact, I didn't notice a damned thing. And, I keep meticulous records of my muscle building progress.

My personal recommendation to readers: Don't waste your money on 'longjack.'


I don't get it. If these guy's were confident that there product did what it said it did, where are there test results on people. It quite easy to test for testosterone levels so where are there test on people.

If a company puts out a product that can be tested but does not test then that company/product is useless or a con. They are using lax advertising laws to get away with selling snake oil.

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