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May 15, 2012


muscle building supplements

Like most performance-enhancing drugs, testosterone can help athletes build bigger, stronger muscles very quickly, improving their athletic ability and their recovery time..

muscle building supplements

Scott Abbett

Hi Kdogbb,

Thank you for your comment about your experience.

I don't doubt your sincerity. However, what you've described raises more questions for me than it answers. At a personal level, I'm wondering why - with such phenomenal results - you only used these supplements once and didn't remember or write down the sources. What was your reason for using them? Were you bodybuilding or strengthening up for sports performance? Were you using them because you found out your T-levels were low? I'm just curious about what your motivation was and whether tribulus and chrysin helped you achieve your goal/s.

You're right... without knowing where your T-levels were before the regimen, there's really no reliable benchmark for comparison. Your doc might have been using a mistakenly low standard for what's considered a "normal" free T-level, while your levels might have been at the high end to begin with.

Interestingly, chrysin has since been just about proven worthless as an anti-estrogen supplement. Tribulus provides such mixed annecdotal results that the small amount of positive feedback can be totally attributable to placebo effect.

With such a positive experience, weren't you even tempted to use the stuff again?

Would love to get more comments from you.



Around 8 years ago I took a regime of tribulus and a natural anti estrogen called chrysin, after 8 weeks I went to the doc and had some blood tests done, my free testosterone was 700% above the highest average mean level for an adult my age. Please keep in mind I haven't mentioned brand names and dosages, to be honest I can't remember the amounts except that they were high, also without pre regime testing of my testosterone levels my after testing to some extent is subjective, but it was enough of a result that my doctor made me bring in some left overs to test as he was genuinely concerned they contained illegal substances.

Does tribulus work? I can't answer that for you. Did my testosterone levels seems excessively high post regime testing if it did nothing? Definitely. Take what you will of the info, just thought I'd offer my experience.


The Vitosterone add above is the same add i have seen on many forums.I have been trying to research Vitosterone and all i see is this add promoting there product with there website attatched..I brought a bottle and it too contains tribulus in it SCAM...

Scott Abbett


Did you even bother to read the article before linking to the product you're marketing?

Your recommendation of finding 'natural' products is pretty mindless considering it's their very "natural-ness" that puts the efficacy potential of such products in question.

Can you tell us what's in ViTosterone that would make it effective compared to 99.9% of crap out there? That's not a rhetorical question, BTW; I'm sincerely interested.

I've a mind to recommend to every guy thinking of buying these types of "natural" products to consider an alternative: Get your body fat at least below 12%... then go to your personal physician to get the "okay" for a urologist to put you on a few weeks of (medically supervised) HCG shots coupled with an estradiol squelcher.

This would require more effort and money in the short run. But the cost/benefit trade-off would probably provide a better return in the long run - especially if the guy keeps his body fat down after that.

Of course, I would NOT recommend doing any of this without consulting with one's personal MD first.


Pat Turner

Interesting article. Most so called male enhancement products haven't gone under vigorous testing, so there is a bit of a gap in whether or not they actually work.
I do know that you want to find the all natural supplements.
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