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Have you ever noticed that many people with the biggest body fat challenges are ‘breakfast skippers?’ You know the people to which I’m referring – the ones who insist they’re “just not hungry in the morning.” They skip an entire meal each day, but appear to over-compensate for the calorie deficit further along in the day. Many don’t realize that simply adding a “bodybuilder breakfast” could remove layers of unwanted body fat. Some good ratios of macronutrients provided by a ‘bodybuilder breakfast’ would provide maximum energy during a likely active time of day when the metabolism is cranking. The higher blood sugar following this meal would subsequently cause less hunger to arise later in the day. This makes it easy to taper down in calorie intake as dinner approaches and sleepy-time creeps up. Coachs-oats

Unfortunately, many people habitually do things backward. They eat most of their calories late in the day and go to bed with high blood sugar. Sleeping with a high blood sugar level thwarts the body’s ability to release nighttime HGH (human growth hormone), which is a fat-burning hormone. It also makes it likely that relatively high blood sugar will still be the condition upon awakening. This makes any food, much less a ‘bodybuilder breakfast’, a less-than-appealing proposition in the morning.

If you’re already building muscle, you probably understand the value of a bodybuilder breakfast to start your day. It’s an important meal whether you’re heading to the gym or spending an off-day in recuperation between workouts. You know the meal should be balanced, with plenty of quality protein, complex carbs, some simple carbs, and a bit of dietary fat to optimize your energy and muscle growth potential.

But many of us need to get these nutrients in a hurry; we’re busy and don’t have time for drawn out meal preparation. If you’re in that boat, you’re not alone. I often need to “eat on the run” and the following is a favorite ‘bodybuilder breakfast’ I use for doing exactly that.

‘Bodybuilder Breakfast’: a ‘hot-and-cold’ cereal

Here are the ingredients you’ll need for this tasty, energy-producing treat:

  • Coaches Oats (1/2 cup)
  • Vanilla Whey Protein (2 scoops)
  • Peanut Butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Nonfat Milk (1 cup)
  • Frozen Strawberries (1 cup/partially thawed)
  • Sucralose (2 packets)

The frozen strawberries need to be slightly thawed for about ten minutes before cooking the meal. I’d recommend you don’t overdo it, however, because they’ll thaw a bit more when you add them to the top of the hot cereal. Also, start by pre-warming the 1 cup of nonfat milk in the microwave for about 40 seconds. This will prevent cold milk from hindering the full heating of the cereal.

Stir together the half cup of Coach’s Oats with the two scoops of vanilla whey protein and the warmed-up cup of nonfat milk. Once it’s stir-mixed, put it in the microwave and set the timer for two minutes. While waiting for the cereal to cook, grab a tablespoon and scoop out a heaping double-tablespoon of peanut butter. Also, be ready with a packet of Sucralose (or your preferred sweetener) to mix in.

When it’s done cooking, add the peanut butter and sweetener and stir them in thoroughly. Then sprinkle another pack of sweetener (or some honey) on the top of the cereal before adding the (slightly thawed) frozen strawberries.

Eat and ENJOY this high protein, high carbohydrate, ‘good fat’ bodybuilder breakfast. You’ll notice the heat of the cereal combined with the cold strawberries makes for a tantalizing treat when mixed with the vanilla and peanut butter flavors.

Note: The consistency of the cereal can be adjusted with the quantity of milk added. I use one cup of milk because I like the dish to turn out a bit soft and not-too-viscous. You can use slightly more or less than that. Bodybuilder_with_45_lb._plate

This ‘bodybuilder breakfast’ makes for a terrific meal prior to intense bodybuilding workouts. The simple sugars from the strawberries supply much-needed energy quickly. The complex carbs from the oats provide sustained energy to get through the workout. The peanut butter provides monounsaturated fat for energy, hormone production, and the slow-down in digestion of the whey protein. And of course, the whey protein provides construction material muscles and slows down digestion of the carbs, thereby making carbohydrate energy sources more long-lasting.

This bodybuilder breakfast is a little knock-off of the one I did a video on and posted right here. But I really think this one with the Coach’s Oats, vanilla whey protein, and frozen strawberries tastes better.

Feel free to give me your feedback when you get the chance.


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What could i make that i could have for breakfast, i ran out of oats and am not going out to buy more for a couple days. What is there to make? im up for everything.
6 months ago (Tiebreaker)

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What could i make that i could have for breakfast, i ran out of oats and am not going out to buy more for a couple days. What is there to make? im up for everything.


Hey Tom,

I appreciate the positive feedback on my book.

I work out in the mornings. Not because I think it's better than evenings, but simply because I prefer it.

If I worked out in the evenings, I would still follow my workouts with some carbs to replenish muscle glycogen levels. I personally don't think there's an exact amount that's perfect; I just go by feel until my blood sugar feels adequately risen without being spiked out of the back of my head. I'd estimate that about 50 or 60 grams (primarily complex carbs) probably does it, with protein and dietary fat going down with it, of course.

I get an absolute laugh out of these online bodybuilding experts who claim that muscle building is 80% diet. The reason that's funny to me is that it was actually the supplement companies who started this notion in order to sell supplements. But these same "experts" selling online courses are bad-mouthing the supplement companies and accusing them of outright lies.

I think the reason for the confusion is simple: Losing body fat IS mostly a matter of eating habits. But this is often misconstrued as being the case for muscle growth. I maintain that success in muscle growth, however, is mostly dependent on optimizing the workout/recuperation ratio.

This ties into answering your question because it supports the claim that you can determine your post-muscle building workout carbs intake just by "feel."



hey i read you book and think its great but one thing im not sure about is if you workout late at night and sleep shortly after......should carbs be included in your post workout meal if so then how much?

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