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August 10, 2011



Thanks for the lesson on right size smoothie.i use the vanilla and I started at 385 pounds and now im 234 pounds still trying to lose more but you have to change.like for me I had to after breakfast do some exercise(running,walking)and eating healthy to keep the weight off and not try to gain any back.it works fine for me but I was a little worried about the right size smoothie but it helps a lot.


RSS works. I'm overweight and can't exercise because of a huge long list of physical medical problems. I have been steadily dropping weight without being hungry. I mix it with unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 cup of blueberries for a delicious breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I have a salad or veges and a lean protein. I started at 220 lbs and am now down to 195 after a month of being on the product.

Right Size Smoothies

I never liked all powdery meals, shakes etc. They can't replace real food and remind me cosmonauts' meals in tubes or bodybuilders' protain powders. But when I read the ingredients of RSS, it didn't look so bad to me. I mean I drink green tea all the time, eat fiber with fruit and veggies and love cinnamon. So.. may be I won't lose my heals if I try it.


Hi Sammy,

Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments. Now you've got me wanting to try those whisk ball shakers.

I agree, a person cannot stay lean after losing substantial body fat without a positive change occurring within them. Call it a 'subconscious shift', a 'self-image change', or just a simple change in habits that takes hold at the deeper level of the mind - the fat doesn't stay off without it.

I know this personally because I've been in both places mentally.



I have one of those whisk ball smoothie containers (not from Right Size; a generic brand), and unless I'm using frozen fruit in the smoothie, they do work very well in mixing the protein powder (and sometimes yogurt) into the milk. As for Right Size, I hate gimmicks, I hate "diets", I hate advertising designed to fool people into thinking weight loss is as easy as an expensive meal substitute.

It's really about lifestyle choices and changes. It's about training your body and taste buds to think an apple or nectarine is "sweet". It takes a little research and some experimenting, but great tasting, healthy foods are only a few spices, herbs, vegetables, lean meats and olive oil away (add a wok and your choices multiply).

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