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“How Often Should I Work Out to Build Muscle?” The most important question

“Does ‘Ageless Male’ Work?” Only if supplements are a cure-all for something often complex

If you’re asking the question “does Ageless Male work”, you’ve probably heard the hyped radio ads to which I’ve likewise been exposed. They’re the ones here in the U.S. iterating the statistic that testosterone drops in males by as much as fifty percent after age thirty-five. The ad asks rhetorical questions to which most guys over the hump of the mid-point of their fourth decade are supposed to inwardly conclude:

“Oh crap… I’m feeling some, if not all of all those symptoms. I must have low testosterone. Will ‘Ageless Male’ cure it… does Ageless Male work? Send me a bottle of that stuff – it’ll be well worth a try.”

The ad’s questions go something like the following (paraphrased)…

  • Is your energy not what it used to be?
  • Is your sport’s game not what it used to be?
  • Is it easier to pack on the pounds around the middle?
  • Be honest… is your sex drive (or performance in the bedroom) not what it used to be?

Never mind that any or all of these conditions could be caused by something else; the commercial’s designed for you and me to conclude that middle aged testosterone drop is the culprit and ‘Ageless Male’ is the cure. Productpage_0004_Ageless-Male_162W_X_216h

How much of a cure?

The ‘Ageless Male’ commercial goes on to assert that the product can raise testosterone by as much as fifty percent – presumably the whole fifty percent that’s statistically lost by middle age. What a coincidence… huh?

But if you’re thoughtfully asking ‘does Ageless Male work’, you’ve got to consider at least four slightly more specific questions:

  1. Do I have age related low testosterone levels?
  2. If so, how low is “low?”
  3. What’s the main cause? (Other than just… age)
  4. Will the ingredients in ‘Ageless Male’ fix the problem?

Let’s look at each of these in analyzing the ‘does Ageless Male work’ question.

Middle-Aged Low Testosterone (‘Male Menopause’): How would you know?

First, how would you even know if your testosterone is lower than it once was and should be?

The first possible signs are the regular occurrence of the symptoms the Ageless Male commercial actually mentions. Low libido coupled with low energy levels are probably the most telling indications of low T-levels. If you experience these symptoms, especially together, it’d be a good idea to get a physical by your doctor that comprises hormone level tests, including both ‘free testosterone’ and ‘total testosterone’ levels.

But what constitutes a “normal” testosterone level? Many urologists will tell you that anything between 600 and 1200 nanograms per deciliter is normal; a fairly wide window. Assuming it’s correct, a ‘total testosterone’ reading below 600 ng/dL is low. Given that the bottom end of the low level can have a man carrying as little as 150 to 200 ng/dL of this vital male hormone, a 50% increase might only get a guy halfway toward the low end of normal; not a promising proposition.

In other words, even if Ageless Male is all it’s hyped to be and can really jack up anybody’s testosterone by 50%, we’ll still fall short of “normal” levels if we start with a level of 200 ng/dL. Now we’ll have a level of 300. Assuming these levels below 600 ng/dL are low enough to ‘knock our “you-know-whats” in the dirt’, a fifty percent increase will likely not get them out of it.

But… in all fairness, if you try Ageless Male and your sex drive suddenly takes an upward spike, you’ve got good anecdotal evidence of a positive answer to the question ‘does Ageless Male work.’ Libido is probably the most sensitive feedback to changes in testosterone levels.

Does Ageless Male Work?’ What causes low testosterone?

Of course, if someone has a total testosterone level of 500 ng/dL, a fifty percent boost would bring it up to 750 ng/dL; a respectable increase. But this could be done without a dietary supplement. If a middle-aged guy just brings his waistline down from the forty inch span to something in the low thirty inch range, he could increase his testosterone by 50%. That’s because, for men, ten pounds of  belly fat can lower testosterone levels by half what they’d be otherwise.

Testosterone_Molecule Since significant body fat levels can lower a guy’s testosterone, a good question to ask is whether a dietary supplement purported to raise testosterone would even be effective without the supplement user first being free of excess body fat. Instead of mentioning this, the marketers of ‘Ageless Male’ (and other herbal “testosterone boosters”) bring up the topic of excess body fat as a symptom of low testosterone rather than a cause. Since testosterone does help prevent fat gain (at least indirectly), the proverbial ‘chicken and egg’ question naturally arises:

Does low testosterone cause fat gain or does fat gain cause low testosterone?

The answer is… probably both… with a self-perpetuating effect feeding the whole problem. Which came first is better left moot if losing the fat is a primary prerequisite for getting hormones up to healthy balances. It’d be nice to believe that an herbal supplement can awaken enough dormant testosterone production to get the fat losing mechanism kick-started, but I wouldn’t bet money on it happening.

Although fat gain is often a major cause of low testosterone in middle aged men, it’s probably the simplest of many possible causes. That’s why it’s important to first get checked by a physician if you suspect you have chronically low testosterone levels. It might be a more serious medical complication.

Does Ageless Male Work’: How are they claiming it “works?”

The reason body fat gains reduce testosterone in middle-aged men is because they cause more testosterone to be converted to estrogen (female hormone) in the body. The process of this conversion is quite normal and natural. The ratio at which the testosterone is converted, however, can become unhealthily ‘abnormal.’ A guy in his twenties might have a 50-to-1 ratio between testosterone and estrogen. By contrast, a middle-aged guy can easily be down to a 20-to-1 ratio and even much lower if he doesn’t take care of himself. The higher estrogen levels can effectively “shut down” some of the feedback mechanism used to signal more testosterone production by the body.

Ageless Male allegedly works by eliminating some of this detrimental excess estrogen. Its main ingredient is a combination of Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto. A study done back in 2008 at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon purportedly demonstrated a significant rise in testosterone among a control group of males taking this supplement combination. The apparent reason for the T-level increases: Reduction of estradiol and the enzyme 5alpha-reductase (5AR).

What’s questionable about this study is that it was sponsored by a company (Triarco Industries Inc.) that markets this supplement combination under the product name Alphastat. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that; studies cost money. But to assume the study was unbiased would be naïve.

So ‘does Ageless Male work?’

I wouldn’t bet on it doing anything unless other measures are taken to increase natural testosterone levels. Then, it would be less expensive to make the bet by buying Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto separately in order to give it a try.

If you’ve tried this combination, I encourage you to give us your comments.


Tom M

I am currently using ageless male and am 42 years old. I have actually noticed a significant change in my activity. I am more active and losing weight that I have gained from drinking too many beers! Great post! Cheers!

Scott Abbett

Hi Dave,

The main ingredient in Ageless male is Antaxanthin. This is an antioxidant carotenoid that's heavily present in fish such as salmon, shrimp, krill, and crayfish. Antaxanthin is often combined with Saw Palmetto (as in Ageless Male) because a couple of studies have shown this combination can reduce levels of the enzyme '5a reductase.' Reducing this enzyme, in turn, reduces the conversion of testosterone to 'dihydrotestosterone' (DHT).

Whether or not this reduction in DHT will increase overall testosterone (and libido) is questionable. However, if it can, my guess is that at least some endogenous testosterone production would need to be occurring in order for the loop feedback hormone axis to kick in.

In other words, my bet is that Ageless Male would not be the solution for you. But that doesn't mean there's not a solution. What ends up being an effective remedy depends on what's causing your low (or nonexestent) T-level.

There are two forms of hypogonadism: 'primary' and 'secondary.' Primary means that the problem is in the testicles. Secondary means the problem is with the hypothalamus in the pituitary gland. Has your doctor told you what type you have? I would personally not want to take any form of exogenous testosterone if I were diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism as this would just put the testes into permanent dormancy.

I'm sure there's some kind of solution, even if the problem is primary. What was the particular type of exogenous testosterone you were prescribed that caused blood problems?

Of course, I'm not a doctor and I won't attempt to prescribe anything. But these are details one would need to know in order to steer you toward the right MD... one who will really help you.

Hang in there and please update us with more specifics when you can.

Best Regards,


dave R

My testosterone level was tested by Dr. and found to be basically 0 - they tried giving me testosterone injections but this caused a problem with my blood in that it caused to many red blood cells which caused me to have a phlebotomy (blood draw) every other week so I gave it up since getting a vein to hit in me is very difficult. do you think Ageless male would help me? - I'm desperate - Thanks DHR

Scott Abbett


Given your concluding remark in your last comment, I guess I'll retract my theory that you might be a shill for the company behind Ageless Male. But even with the overall negative conclusion of your assessment, I'm sure the benefits you've claimed to have noticed will be enough for a lot of guys to want to give the stuff a try.

In regard to using Agless Male for "weight loss": Even if it did raise natural testosterone, this would only create an indirect assistance in burning body fat. As such, the benefit could easily be overridden by inadvertently increasing calorie intake by even just a small amount. You're correct in realizing that significant body fat loss is best accomplished through better eating habits.

Good luck and thank you for your comments.



This is Rob again. I started taking Ageless Male on Feb 7th. Initially, and for a short time, there was an increase in my penis size during sex and larger orgasms. These effects didn't last and things seem to be back to the way they were before. Don't get me wrong, things were good before. The larger penis and orgasms were a bonus. My main reason for taking the pills was the weight loss claim, which is totally false as far as I'm concerned. I've not lost an ounce. In fact I've gained four pounds since Feb. I never felt any increase in energy either. I realize that exercise is truly the only way to reach my weight loss goal and with that I'm sure my energy levels and sex drive will increase. I would have to say the Ageless Male pills are a bust.

Scott Abbett

Hey David,

LOL... yea, it'd be great to get another update from Rob. At thirteen days, he hadn't seen a change in his weight. I guess we can only assume he was hoping to lose some body fat with the product. You'd think all the increased sex would burn enough calories to do THAT.

If Rob's actually an Ageless Male shill, he's clever. He began with an early post about his dissatisfaction with the company's auto-pay/ship program. You'd think an objective, long-term positive experience with the product would bring him back with an update. We'll see.


Unfortunately, I have to echo Fred's comments. I too take Ageless Male for a month and felt absolutely no difference in energy levels or sex drive. However, I already exercise regularly, eat healthy, nutritious food (lots of cruciferous veggies, Soctt), and my wife has never complained about my sex drive :-). In fact, she was worried that Ageless Male was going to increase it! Maybe I just didn't need it to begin with. I would have liked to have reported better results, but, unfortuntately, it was not to be the case.
I'd like to hear an additional update from Rob if he can drag himself off of his wife long enough to post one! I supposed it is like the joke about the woman in the zoo and the monkeys in mating season. When the woman asked the zookeeper, "Where are the monkeys?", he said, "They are inside their cave because it was mating season". When the woman asked, "Do you think they would come out for some peanuts", the zookeeper said, "Would you?"


Hi Fred,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I'm sure it will be valuable to many guys who are considering the product.

Now we've got two contrasting reviews - one from Rob and one from Fred.

We can only take it on faith that they're both objective reviews that are devoid of any ulterior motives or bias.

I appreciate the feedback.



Stay away from this product. I took the pills for a month. No change in my sex drive or energy level

Jim Stewart

I am looking for a good core workout to get rid of belly fat. I do workout but maybe not intense enough for my stomach.


Update**** It's only been 13 days since I started taking the Ageless Male pills, but there has already been an increase in my sex drive. My wife and I have been having sex more frequently and there has also been a very noticeable increase in the size of my penis during arousal. My orgasms are also feeling larger. There has been no change in my weight and that's a little disappointing, but it's only been 13 days. I'll check back in a month or so.


I found a supply of an "equivalent" to this product on Amazon. It's $8.99 for a one month supply+$4.99 shipping here:


It's marketed there as a "prostate health" supplement. Not schilling for this stuff--just looking around for something that is less than $40 a shot to try. Ordered a couple bottles and am going to give it a go. $22.97 with shipping--will get back to this forum with results as I motor through it.

Am 50 years old, have lost 32 pounds in the last 10 months and am looking to shave off the last 7-8 pounds to get to 155. Have hit a plateau and don't want to turn to juice or T to get past this flat spot.

I can tell you that losing the weight has put the "wood back in the arrow" so to speak and libido is night and day better versus what it was.

Using cardio, weight, resistance training and dry sauna sessions--2 hours training with this mix 3-4 times a week. 30-40 minutes sauna after heavy workouts drops recovery time by about two times.

The activity and having dialed way down on processed foods have enabled me to get to this point.



I had been trying supplements to increase energy, performance (in all phases of life), and focus. I wasn't satisfied with anything I bought at vitamin/supplement stores, so I bought a book that named the kale/ginger root concoction 'Green Lemonade'. I somewhat cleaned up my diet and drink the juice daily - it's helped in all phases of my needs! The book is written by Natalia Rose: The Raw Food Detox Diet. I didn't convert to raw foods, but the book did help me recognize a few things I was doing wrong with my diet. Hope this doesn't sound like an advertisement, bc it's not. But that juice really does work.

Thanks for your feedback on the kale and ginger root!



Hi Rob,

Thank you for commenting in a very candid manner and within a feedback-revealing context. I would love to hear your experience on the product, as I'm sure a lot of readers would as well.

But you might want to give it more than a few day's worth of trial. Even an effective product would need time to positively affect a loop-feedback system like that of T-level production. I don't know what their money-back guarantee deadline is, but hopefully not so short as to be deficient of a fair trial time.

Please keep us updated.



This is in reply to Paul's comment.

Hi Paul,

It's really difficult to pinpoint the reason without being able to perform a double-blind study with several participants. All I can guess is that kale is a cruciferous vegetable (anti-estrogenic?) and that garlic root contains the mineral zinc (needed for 'T' production).

This seems like an unusual concoction of an eclectic selection of ingredients as a juicing recipe. I would love to know what inspired this particular mixture of stuff. Did you read about it somewhere?



I received my order of Ageless male today. I must say I don't like that I was put on an auto order system without my knowledge. I'm going to see how hard/easy it is to cancel the auto order this evening. I'll decide if I want to order again. I'm 44 years old, overweight and have a poor sex drive. I took my first pill this morning and will be back here to post an update after a few days.


Hi Rich,

Thank you for visiting and posting a comment. Congratulations on being in such great shape and good health at 50.

I'm going to be blunt in answering your question. If you want your arms to get beyond 15 inches, you need to start bodybuilding. Programs like P90X will not build much muscle due to their high reps workouts with light resistance. That type of training will build a bit of mitochondrial tissue and some cardiovascular fitness, but not much size or strength. Moreover, the little size you can build with programs like P90X can only be disproportionate because they're so limited in exercise selection.

The same answer applies to your question about abdominals. In order to build some deep ridges in the mid section, you need heavier resistance than what's provided by a "living room workout."

Keep in mind: The people who are chosen as models for commercials and demos in these home/bodyweight workout videos are those who already have nice physiques. That is what helps sell the program. These models are often people who've worked out in gyms for years. They'll gladly appear in a video and act as if they've built their bodies with the demonstrated workout as a way to further their own name recognition and credibility. In other words, the abs you're seeing were likely not built with P90X alone.

I've never personally tried Arimatest by GNC. In visiting their website, I noticed one of the ingredients is 5-alpha-reluctase inhibitor. If you look that up on Wikipedia, you'll see that it's used to convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and that it can reduce libido.

I guess the question is: Did you notice anything positive from using it?


Scott; at 44 yrs old, I started vegetable juicing 1X/day 6 months ago and I have felt everything improve drastically; sex drive, recovery time cut in half after w/o's, tremendous energy and focus levels, etc. I throw 1 lemon,5-6 stalks of kale, 1/2" garlic root, 2 Fuji apples and 1 head of Romaine lettuce into the juicer. Can you explain how this possibly helped my sex drive? All I know is that it worked!

Rich Freer

Great info.I am fifty and have been doing p 90x for five years. I am in great shape and have a great sex life. I found your site researching ageless male. I am always interested in boosting t.I have several questions.First,I have very long arms which never seem to get any bigger. they are 15inches. I would be so happy if I could at least get 1 more inch. do you have any recommendation? Also,I am very happy with my body but can't seem to get those ripped abs like on the p90x commercials.
Lastly, what do you think about Aromitest buy GNC. I have tried it in the past, but stopped using it since GNC wqs sued for misrepresenting it. I did feel different on it, and I did get mad quicker. I currently do all of your recommendations for raising t, but at fifty, I am looking for a little boost. Thanks


Hello Shaun,

Thanks for stopping by and posting a question.

If a guy suspects he has low T-levels, I'd recommend going to a hormone replacement specialist or endocrinologist over a primary care physician. The big drawbacks I see with doing this through primary care is that they'll likely call a low total testosterone level "normal" and they often won't test for 'free testosterone.' Free testosterone is the unbound stuff that supports muscle growth, libido, energy levels, and all the other benefits of healthy T-levels.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that bioidenticals are only for women. Haha... wouldn't want you to inadvertently load your body with estrogen in the belief that it will help. That could REALLY send a guy's T-levels down the sh*t-tubes.

I'd love to hear some follow-up, Shaun.


Is it true that the claims of helping with aging slow down credible .

Shaun Berrett

Hello, I have recently been wanting to get my testosterone checked and came across quite a bit of information involving "bioidenticals" It looks to me like there are several options when in comes to getting you T-levels checked and was wondering if you had input on "bioidenticals" as well as getting T-Levels checked by a endocrinologist, or a primary care physician. It also looks as if there are specialist that just deal with hormone replacement therapy and don't claim a medical designation. Thanks for your articles.

Brooks Morgan

Love the posts
I was looking into some kind of supplement myself and will try the natural way first. I work out 4-5 day a week and have a good libido,But I always looking for ways to keeping that edge. Great article, good post by readers
Always looking for better way for good health & sex life.
Brooks Morgan


Hi Pat,

Indole-3 Carbinol helps the body break down and metabolize estrogens. That can indirectly increase testosterone levels. I think one can get adequate amounts for achieving this effect simply by eating plenty of cruciferous vegetables. I've never personally used the Indole-3 supplements.

Something to keep in mind: Men should want to rid themselves of excess estrogen, but not eliminate it comppletely. There's a reason we have it in our bodies; seems it's important for proper brain function.

Have you used Indole-3 Carbinol supplements?


Hi Frank,

That's hard to say (no pun intended :-) It would likely be dependent on the stuff actually increasing testosterone - something I seriously doubt it does. Additionally, there are factors besides low testosterone that can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Have you looked into Tongkat Ali? There are guys who swear that the legitimate sources of its root extract at adequate dosages can work miracles in this area. I'm currently writing a posting about it.

Good luck in your research on this.

Pat M

How about Indole-3


Can it help me get my erection back?


Hey 'me and mine',

LOL... your hypothesis on the libido thing in that final paragraph was funny. I won't deny the possibility. On a similar note, I've heard it suggested that the "clarity of mind" people experience from days of fasting might be a survival (of the fittest?) mechanism from man's nomadic past. Think about it: The longer they went without eating due to an unproductive hunt, the more savvy they'd need to become in order to avoid impending death. Thus, extremely low blood sugar eventually leads to thought clarity and innovative ideas because our distant ancestors needed that for survival.

Something to (safely) experiment with when bored, and... well... desperately in need of ideas.

Thank you for your insightful input.

me and mine

Whenever i have dieted to lose weight of more than 20 pounds I have experinced more vigor, sexual desire and a better mood.

My weight loss methods has always been
half a cup of fiber cereal in the morning, a can of water tuna for lucnh and about 2 or 3 cups of mixed frozen veggies at night combined with vitamins, chromium picolinate (always take that at all times for insulin and heart health) and fish oil with NO EXERCISE..

It will induce rapid weight loss of 1/2 to 3/4 a day without ANY exercise which for me is key. (I am a lazy tv watching internet geek and not an exercise lover or vain enough to hit the gym).
It's about 600 caloires a day and as a non exercising couch potato I need to get below 1000 a day to lose weight. in fact you can't exercise with this diet or you won't have enough energy or protein.

I feel great when I do it and consider it basically a high fiber, high vitamin, maintenance level protein fast which many people recommend occasionally anyway. it also clear sthemind considerably which i attribute to very low blood suagr levels stopping neuron over activity in the brain. It does improve focus like those who fast say they experience.

perhaps the loss of body fat causing higher t explain why I have always had more libido whenever i did this diet for a few weeks.

I always assumed it wasa genetic survival mating trigger assuming I was going to starve thus triggering a "hail mary" breed him before he is dead body reaction.

Noah Fludd

Hello Scott Thanks for the advice unfortunately after visiting WebMD Iwas unable to locate the message board on which to post my question. I'll search the site more meticuously when I have more time from my hectic schedule. As an alternative, perhaps you or someone else who read about my condition can contact WebMD on my behalf and post the results here.


Hi Noah,

Don't worry - I find nothing about this topic laughable and, if fact, take it very seriously.

I think you should post the question about your condition on WebMD. Just go to webmd.com

It's outside my area of expertise since I'm not a medical doctor.

One thing I do know: Many sexual problems end up with a psychological factor playing a role. After all, once we experience any "abnormal" physiological factors, a subconscious fear that they will re-surface or be recurring can negatively affect subsequesnt performance. At that point, negative psychological factors have taken root and inevitably become part of the problem.

It'd be great if you could post what you discover on WebMD. After all, there might be other readers experiencing the same condition and who have the same question.

Noah Fludd

Don't laugh at me for asking this but is there such a condition as restricted testosterones? meaning they are present but something is causing them not to function as desired? let me put this in a more definitive prospective. during sleep i maintain a strong erection throughout the night. Sometime I experience periodic unprovoked erections during the day but when i want to get intimate with my girlfriends a time when an erection is required I'm usually unable to achieve one. Nothing can be more embarrassing


Hi & Great Blog,

Do you have anything to say about HGH!!??
Human Growth Hormone??


Hi Michael,

Your condition is not very unusual. It could be caused by any number of things. Hydrocodone is known to cause lethargy, so maybe that's the entire cause for your lack of energy.

Of course, I'm not a med doc, so I can only encourage you to go see one about this. Even a qualified medical person would have to see you personally and would not be able to diagnose/prescribe via internet blogging or email.

It could be that you just need to be prescribed something else for your post-surgery back pain.

Good luck... and keep us updated on this.



Hi I'm a 37 year old male whao has has two back surgeries. I take a pill to a pill and a half a day of hydro for pain.. I wake up with no energy and rarley get much energy thru the day.. needless to say I have just, Enough energy to get thru work and no energy for working out or anthing much else. I miss my old self and I hope maybe you can lead me in the right direction.. thank you


Simple dietary supplement. 1 clove of raw garlic every other day. Do not crush it, cook it or swallow it whole. The way I do it is I take a bite off the clove and a bite of a slice of plain bread/toast until the clove is gone. Try this for a month straight and you'll see a very good result. Go in to a physical/blood work before you start then have one after the month is over. You will see positive results.MAKE SURE THE GARLIC IS FROM THE U.S. AND NOT JUST DISTRIBUTED FROM A COMPANY HERE! And as usual keep soda to a minimum, that's including diet..

juan paulo

Hi folks 'is simple keep your blood clean and you will soport your levels 'this product will help I have taken it.


I don't guess anyone who has tried this wants to post results... Would be helpful if someone did.


Hi Bob,

I'm personally a bit skeptical about the Astaxanthin/Saw Palmetto combination being effective in rasing testosterone. These are among at least a dozen other products that have been said to raise testosterone by reducing estradiol - all of them producing lackluster results. Thus, I don't know which companies are providing the purest form of something for which I believe you'll get no different effect than with its least-pure form.

If you really want to try it, my recommedation is to get a brand from a retail place (like Vitamin Shoppe) where you know they'll honor a money-back guarantee. Get some recommendatons from the person working there (who's gotten customer feedback) on which brand is most liked.

As for HCG: This stuff is a pharmeceutical and taken by injection - at least the legitimate forms of it are. I'd recommend getting some shots of it from a MD - a urologist who specializes in monitoring 'test levels' and administering this type of therapy. I would personally steer clear of getting it online and completely self-administering.

That's my advice. I'd hate to hear of wasted money (or risked health) by haphazard usage and/or low-quality products.

I'd love for you to post what you end up doing and let us know your feedback.


Bopb Baker

Hi, Im 43 and work out very hard, I need to loose about 15 pounds and want to gain some muscle mass back I once had. you mentioned HCG (human chorionic gonadatrophin) and Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto to other peoples posts. May I ask what brands and web sites you would recomend for these products. when I search for these types of products I end up all over the web and Im never sure Im getting the real thing or a side imatation that may not be clean or pure.

Thanks for any help


Hello Dre,

Thanks for reading and I appreciate the kudos on the article.

I'm personally skeptical of the natural products currently on the market for testosterone boosting. I don't know of any with a lot of credible research behind them.

My understanding is that most problems of low testosterone are caused by a weak leutinizing hormone signal coming from the hypothalmus. When that's the case, the leydig cells might just need to be "lit up" with a better signal in order to "jump start" the system. So why not try (under a medical doc's supervision) what the steroid-using bodybuilders do to jump-start their test levels? That would be a few shots of HCG (human chorionic gonadatrophin) over a perion of a few weeks.

If using this method, I'd first make sure to have as much estradiol out of the body as possible. That means making sure body fat levels are reasonably low and things that cause testosterone-to-estrogen conversion (like alcohol) are minimized.

Most guys who go to med docs for low testosterone are just put on testosterone replacement. But that will just ensure that no further endogenous testosterone is produced. Common sense would have me believe that this "jump-starting method" I just described should be looked into first.

Of course, I'm not a medical professional and anyone reading this should not take it as medical advice. It should all be discussed with a qualified med professional. But it's something for guys to ask the professionals before allowing them to create a dependence on exogenous testosterone.

In the mean time, I'll do more research on which natural products have the MOST credible studies behind them... and post an article.

I'd love to get your thoughts.



Hi Scott, good article. Are you aware of any other natural supplement(s)that have been vetted by credible research that shows an increase testosterone?


Hi Rick,

Thank you for stopping by and posting a question.

Online information seems to only provide total mg. of a combination of the two ingredients called 'Alphastat.' The total mg. for this combination (as used in the study) is 800 mg.

Since Saw Palmetto has never been shown to raise testosterone, you might want to try a combination of the ingredients at a 3-to-1 ratio - 600 mg. of Astaxanthin with 200 mg. of Saw Palmetto.

Or you can wait for me to do a little off-line reseach to get a better answer for you.

Either way, I'd recommend checking with your doc before going on the stuff. You could get your T-levels checked while you're at it. Then, you could get them checked again about a month into supplementation.

This can be pricey unless you have med coverage, but then you'll know if this supplement combination actually does anything for you... and it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on those levels anyway (both total and free testosterone, as well as estrogen and LH).

A more rudimentary method of testing endogenous testosterone is to just kind of monitor libido. If a supplement causes any respectable spike in T-levels, that should be one of the first things affected.

Please post your feedback if you give this stuff a try.

Thanks Rick,



How much saw palmetto and Astaxanthin would you suggest trying? I'm 42, 6'1'', 225lbs, work out about 3 times a week but notice energy levels decreasing over time and recoup time taking much longer than it used to.

I have at least 10-15lbs of belly fat to get rid of but want to stick to weight training for muscle gains. Figured trying out the Astaxanthin/Saw Palmetto combo couldn't really hurt.


Hi Fred,

Certain prescription drugs can lower it. Probably some over-the-counter ones can as well. I've read that such ubiquitous things as 'Stevia' (sweetener) and black licorice can significantly lower T-levels in men.

Also, a bad diet can do it; excessive alchohol intake and/or just not getting enough cruciferous vegetables.

Thank you for visiting my blog.



what could be other reasons for low T besides age and a gut or overtraining?

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