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June 29, 2011



Thank you. Your analysis saved me from making a big mistake and wasting my money.


Hey 'Whey Protein Powder',

First off, if you're going to shamelessly spam on this blog, at least say something intelligent. Please explain why pure isloate is a "better" form of whey protein than concentrate. It's certainly a lot more expensive. I've experimented extensively with each one and recorded absolutely no difference in my bodybuilding gains when using isolate instead of concentrate. I actually wrote a blog entry concerning this personal experiment.

Secondly,I haven't bought into this whole "grass-fed cows are better protein" contention yet. It's kind of funny how you mixed 'antioxidants' in with 'chemicals.' Antioxidants are actually good for us and something we need. I'm not sure how many active chemicals I'd be saving myself from for the higher price of whey from grass-fed cows over grain-fed cows.

As far as the slightly higher Omega-3 fatty acids in grass-fed cows versus grain-fed cows - whey protein is so low in dietary fat that my common sense says it doesn't matter within the scope of an entire diet anyway. I can't see it justifying the higher price.

Lastly, I've noticed the whey protein you're promoting is sweetened with stevia. Some research has shown that stevia can lower testosterone levels - not in the best interests of any man, and especially, bodybuilders.

Bottom line: Whey protein marketers have become too desperate to differentiate themselves with a product that is inherently a commodity.

whey protein powder

If you have to choose a right supplement then you have to check that whether it is made from grass fed cows or antioxidants and chemicals. You have to go with 100% pure whey protein isolate supplement which only made from grass fed cows and not treated with rBGH.

Patrick Cloonan

Excellent critique and tearing down of internet scammer's hyperbole, well done, and thank you.

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