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March 12, 2011


Sam R

Quick question
What is "ASPARTAMINE" in some of the whey products?
Is this different than ASPARTAME?
Is ASPARTAMINE also a sweentner?
Thank you


Hey bk,

No... I never said or implied that everything man makes is safe and doesn't have long-term negative side effects. However, some people act as if they believe everything man makes DOES have negative side effects or consequences - something I view as equally inaccurate.

Living life is inherently risky. We all decide individually where to take our biggest risks and where to play it safe. The alternative is to tip-toe through life like it's a mine field and never really enjoy oneself. I could avoid all sweeteners for fear that they'll kill me and end up getting side-plowed by a drunk driver. In fact, I'd bet my odds of an early death on a U.S. highway are greater than that of an artificial sweetener doing me in. But that won't cause me to avoid the quality-of-life that driving a car provides.

Bottom line: Most things that prove innocuous in the short term are usually no more harmful than many other things (like smog) over the long term.

The only point I made about artificial sweeteners is that they are attacked with negative propaganda as soon as they're released. Just as much as I can't know for sure that they're safe over the long term - nobody else can know that they're unsafe. But they're attacked by their detractors as if their alleged dangers have been proven. All this while we've witnessed the long-term negative effects of sugar - not the least of which being Type-2 diabetes running rampant.

It's "all about greed and money?" Do I sense the mentality of an anti-corporatist? It's interesting how people who think like this tend to see their own desire for gain as "prosperity" and other's as "greed." Every innovation that's made life better and more comfortable for you and me has come out of a desire for a return-on-investment (profit). Unless you're going to dump your computer in a land-fill and go live like the Unibomber did, then you're prospering from the same so-called "greed and money."

Thank you for your comments, bk. I welcome further discussion.


Hey Scott, do you actually believe anything man made ei: drugs supps don't have negative side effects"? All artificial man made sweeteners have negative side effects , research the facts. Just because the lame ass USDA or FDA or any other Gov. agency says it's OK doesn't make it so. Yes their test show they don't harm us "right away" but they don't know the "long term" effects. So why take any chances with your temple/body? It's all about greed and money, if a company can get away with making something cheaper although more controversial, they do it .


Hello Bali,

Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

I've never seen evidence suggesting there are any more heavy metals in protein powders than naturally occurs in other foods. In fact, I'd be more hesitant about over-eating lobster (for its arsenic) than I would over-consuming whey protein.

I even have a different take than many people on the artificial sweetener issue. These sweeteners are put through the wringers of testing before they're allowed to be released. Yet as soon as each one's come on the market, there's been a propaganda machine that claims it causes everything from cancer to brain damage. Personally, I'm suspicious of the sugar industry being behind that; just my opinion.

We know how sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies. However, we're conditioned to feel relatively safe eating it. But as soon as some people take in a bit of aspartame - they think they're being poisoned. Interesting!



Hey Scott
I'm not a big fan of whey protein and the fancy terms conjured up to attract guys who think that chugging down a protein shake after their workouts will solve their hardgainer problems. But what puzzles me is this: What about all the chemical crud in the form of artificial sweeteners and heavy metals present in the whey? How can anyone drink that knowing all the potential damage it could to to your body?

Unless the whey protein is organic and unsweetened... but then the price of that protein will be significantly higher than the isolate you had in mind.

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