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“Does Kre Alkalyn Work?”

As I’ve conveyed in earlier posts, I look at bodybuilding supplements by first breaking down their alleged effectiveness as falling into only two possible categories of potential for boosting progress:

1.    Workout performance enhancement
2.    Inter-workout recuperation enhancement

Something as ubiquitous as caffeine can fall under the category of a ‘workout performance enhancer.’ And in the category of ‘inter-workout recuperation enhancers’: Whey protein might boost your recovery between workouts if not using it typically leaves you insufficient in essential amino acids such as L-leucine due to poor eating habits. Likewise, if a natural compound is ever discovered that substantially increases production of endogenous testosterone, it might fall under both categories of ‘workout’ and ‘recuperation’ enhancement.

Creatine has long been the best and most popular workout performance enhancement  supplement on the market. While the monohydrate version of the product has been around longest and probably  Muscle Building Supplements
garnered more evidence of efficacy through testing and positive anecdotal feedback – there’ve been a slew of attempts to knock it off its repetition-bolstering pedestal. The latest attempt, to my knowledge, has been the development and marketing of a creatine called Kre-Alkalyn: a “buffered” creatine that is claimed to be more effective than creatine monohydrate due to its being “PH balanced.”

But… the big question: “Does Kre-Alkalyn work?” More importantly: Does Kre-Alkalyn work more effectively than other forms of creatine?

How Does Kre-Alkalyn Work… allegedly?

The claim made by marketers of Kre-Alkalyn is that 1.5 grams of their product is equivalent to about 10-15 grams of ordinary creatine. This, they say, is due to their product allegedly being stable “all the way to the muscle” because of a patented buffering process that prevents the creatine from being converted into useless creatinine; a fate that befalls much of a dose of “ordinary creatine” which they claim is caused by its low PH levels (below 6.9) compared to their product’s high level (above 12).

Another claim by the marketers of this product is that Kre-Alkalyn doesn’t cause bloating or stomach upset. This might be the case for those who normally experience these side effects while using creatine monohydrate. Yet if Kre-Alkalyn is ineffective as a workout performance enhancer, then whether it sidesteps bloating as a side effect is an irrelevant value; nobody wants a wholly innocuous product if the tradeoff is perceivable effectiveness.

If the explanation of ‘how does Kre Alkalyn work’ sounds completely plausible to you, you’re not alone; I bought into the idea that it might provide noticeably better performance results than creatine monohydrate.

I also bought into the idea of giving the stuff a try and passing my anecdotal evidence – either for or against the product – on to my readers.

‘Does Kre-Alkalyn Work’: My anecdotal feedback

So, “does Kre Alkalyn work” or does it belong on a long list of bodybuilding snake oil products (both past and present) making claims that far exceed their efficacy or just plain don’t work at all? My personal answer doesn’t include a double-blind test thus far, so can only fall under the categories of unscientific and ‘purely anecdotal’:

I noticed no positive effect and returned the unused portion of the product.

Yeah… and I don’t normally do that with creatine, one of very few bodybuilding products I wholeheartedly believe in for workout performance enhancement. I’m willing to test variations of the product and provide my personal feedback to my readers. I think that a good creatine product, combined with a highly effective bodybuilding routine, can provide non-stop physique transformation when used wisely. Adding Kre-Alkalyn was, unfortunately, equivalent to not using a creatine a product at all, in my experience.

‘Does Kre-Alkalyn Work?’ Give us YOUR feedback

One of the benefits of using a bodybuilding system that’s simple yet efficient, effective, and highly “feedback sensitive” is that the user of such a system can easily determine the effectiveness or lack thereof regarding any bodybuilding supplement that comes down the pike. That’s certainly been the case for me. If an alleged workout performance enhancer really makes a positive difference, I’ll likely be able to decipher that difference.

While creatine monohydrate, used effectively, has made such a difference for me, I did not notice any similar benefit with Kre-Alkalyn. However, I’m only one person and my experience with the product can hardly be deemed a scientific test. Thus, I’d love to get feedback from any other bodybuilders or fitness buffs that have put the “does Kre Alkalyn work” question to the test.

Feel free to comment on your (objective only) experience with this particular product.