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“Muscle Building Miracle Discovered”: A brief history of the snake oilers through my own lens

In the early 1990s, it was colostrum that was the “muscle building miracle discovered”, and the trace mineral boron was supposed to raise men’s testosterone up to levels that would mimic steroid use. The Cybergenics thing from five years prior had long run its course. The OKG-phase was still a ways around the corner and a ridiculous product called ‘Hot Stuff’ was also on the market and being touted as possessing all the ingredients of the latest muscle building miracle.

If we go back far enough, I guess we could tap the likes of Charles Atlas and his ilk. However, I’m a guy who came of age in the 1980s. I can only attest personally to the muscle building snake-oil from the last century’s ninth and early tenth decades; nothing before that. And my wallet only opened on a selective basis for these predatory marketers whose claims were obviously light years beyond any value they’d even intended to provide. Thank God I had some restraint and investigatory predilection. I’d have been completely broke otherwise.


Muscular Arm, Delt, Pec 

In the late 80s and early 90s, I was young and naïve enough to fall for the “muscle building miracle discovered” claims of:

  • Boron (the “testosterone raiser”)
  • Metabalol (the “metabolic optimizer”)
  • Smilax Officinalis ( the testosterone…. or something… raiser)
  • Met-RX ( In its “does what steroids do” days)

That’s right: many of you youngsters don’t know that Met-RX was originally marketed as something powerful enough to replace steroids. The marketing scheme went something like this:

  • Steroids were originally thought to be “anabolic.”
  • Now it’s been discovered that they’re really more… “anti-catabolic.”
  • Are there natural nutrients that are also anti-catabolic?
  • You bet… and they’re in Met-RX.

Now that Met-RX is mainstream marketed as a simple meal replacement product, I’d gladly use it for what it’s worth – convenience. But that company’s early success at edging into a market previously dominated by Weider was pulled off by delving into the bodybuilding snake-oil realm; just one more “muscle building miracle” from the past that should have you eyeing the current crop of such products with, at the very least… healthy suspicion.

When the purported ‘muscle building miracle’ OKG was released in the mid-90s, I was lucky enough to have purchased it from a company that actually made good on their money-back guarantee. It was none other than bodybuilding supplement heavy-hitter EAS, of Myoplex fame. And since I’d purchased a whole case of this “muscle building miracle” from them, it was a good thing they made good on the refund. Why? Because despite all the claims made for OKG, I didn’t gain a single ounce of strength or mass by using it. And that was after diligent use of three complete bottles of the compound in that case.

Bodybuilding supplements 

If a natural muscle building miracle is discovered, the media will be trumpeting it and thousands in the pharmeceutical testosterone industry will be instantly out of business.


“Muscle Building Miracle Discovered”: Should you ever believe it?

If there ever really is a muscle building miracle discovered, you’ll hear about it in the news. The media loves to report anything new and “miraculous” that might even have a chance at being real. If you see ads reporting a ‘muscle building miracle’ and no media stories accompanying it, hold onto your wallet ‘coz someone’s dealing snake-oil.

Think about this: If a natural muscle building miracle is really discovered, who do you think would have their hands on it first? Uh-huh… the medical industry. There are plenty of victims of muscle wasting disease who are in more desperate need of such a compound than your average underweight teenager who thinks he’ll never get a girl. The medical industry has the scientific and financial resources to make first moves in the marketplace with any compound that even remotely appears to be a ‘natural muscle building miracle.’ Therefore, if you feel tremors in that sector along with media attention to a (as-yet-unreleased) compound, there might be reason to take notice.

So… be prudent in your quest for a better body. There are a few compounds that could nudge your progress along. Yet that can only happen if you first have a highly effective muscle building routine and good eating habits in place.


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