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May 09, 2010



Hey Mass Protein,

Good job!

Do you attribute your bench press gain to the specific amount of protein you ate each day? Or the Creatine Ethyl Ester? The combination of both? Or was it the workout you used in conjunction with these two other factors?

Also, what prompted you to stop there? And are you a power lifter or bodybuilder?

These are questions relevant to readers for putting your mentioned progress into a workable context.

Personally, I've not been as impressed as you with CEE.

Thank you for posting.


Mass Protein

Last year i used the formula of 2g protein per kilo of body weight. At 104 kilos, that meant around 210g protein per day. i also started using CEE after a W/O and in 4 months (of HARD work) i went form benching 100kg to benching 140kg without gaining any fat.
4 protein shakes per day.

Protein Shakes

i go on the formula of 1.5g protein per pound of body weight

Dean Crawford

I can only speak from my own perspective and don't suggest that everyone else might be the same, but I tried every different 'level' of protein consumption and in the end rejected them all. I eat healthily and always after a work-out, but apart from that I just eat when I'm hungry. In one year of body-building I've seen perfectly steady growth with no excess fat gain ( 37 yo, 6 ft tall, 174 pounds - 20 pound gain in 12 months ).

I concede that I might possibly have grown larger had I eaten more protein, and that as one grows larger so protein consumption might need to gradually increase, but so far I consider the debate to be somewhat overhyped. Friends of mine are now commenting on my physique, asking me how long I've been working out etc, so for me at least normal protein consumption has had no ill affect on my progress.

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