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Do you occasionally feel you’re having a rough time with life’s challenges, yet know deep inside that you’re jumping prematurely into a state of self-pity? Do you wonder how you can dig deep to pull out and utilize more of that untapped champion mindset that lay dormant inside you? If so, don’t feel alone; most of us need a dose of this positive infusion on a daily basis. And one way to get it is to focus on ‘inspiring news stories’ in which someone has overcome bigger challenges than you and I have.

One such story I’ve recently encountered is that of an armless woman who, despite her obvious physical limitations, earned her pilot’s license. I happened upon this story from hearing an FM radio jock talking about this woman and felt compelled to look up this extraordinary accomplishment within the realm of ‘inspiring news stories.’ I did a Google search, typing in “pilot’s license”, “flying without arms” and “flying with her feet.” And there it was, more telling evidence that most of us eke through our days allowing negativity due to relatively negligible setbacks to hamper us.

Her name is Jessica Cox. She’s a 26-year old from Tucson Arizona who was born without arms. The inspiring news stories of her acquiring a pilot’s license made a splash on Inside Edition about a year ago. I missed the story when it first surfaced but feel, nonetheless, lucky to be exposed to it now for the obvious incredible inspirational value that this young lady presents to us all.

Not only does Jessica’s determination say something about our untapped potential to overcome adversity, it also says a lot about our peak performance capabilities once we tap into that potential. After all, her 42-year old instructor claimed her flying skills surpassed many pilots he’d instructed who had all their physical faculties. Wow… if that doesn’t motivate you to want to perform at higher altitudes (good pun?) then there’s no telling what will.

My advice: If you have all your physical and mental capabilities and you think life’s dealing you a hard blow because you’ve hit some little snag that didn’t eliminate any of your mental or physical faculties, let ‘inspiring news stories’ like this video about Jessica snap you out of your self-pity. Watch it over and over; let it seep in and allow you to see the world as a challenging mountain to climb. Observe the way Jessica took a fear of flying and knocked it into submission in the most definitive manner that a person could: She became the first “armless pilot.”

Jessica-cox-applying make up

Jessica’s determination to overcome adversity is one of my favorite inspiring news stories. It pushes me to want to work out with more intensity, study and learn with more intensity, perform everything at a higher level, and live life with no excuses and no regrets. I invite you to let it do the same for you.


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