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October 02, 2009



Can you please explain more about the sweetener stevia. A lot of protien powders have that in them. Thanks


I would like to see the link that shows that the sweetener stevia will lower testosterone levels in men. The reason I ask is a lot of great whey protiens have this in them.Thanks


Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your visit and question.

Side effects of some meds can squelch sex drive for reasons other than diminished testosterone levels. Also, the mainstream medical community will call some testosterone levels "normal" that are considered low in other camps.

I recommend reading 'The Testosterone Syndrome', by Eugene Shippen and William Fryer. In the book, Shippen claims he's discovered that what's "normal testosterone" for some guys would be low for others. Since rarely is a baseline reading taken in a guy's youth - what's normal for an individual is anyone's guess.

Just some things to consider and discuss with a eurologist... or endocrinologist... or at least an MD.



What about if you take pain and nerve meds(Tramadol and Lyrica/Nuerotin for degenerative disc disease? T levels check out o.k. but I have 0 sex drive.

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oh...I hope you all have a blessed days!


Thanks for the article.


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Thanks for your support and informative post.


Hello Vitamin D,

I love sharing information that truly makes a difference. Besides eliminating or reducing alcohol intake, I think learning to love broccoli is another good one. If you can learn to love it raw - that's even better. I've found that buying the broccoli crowns, breaking them off and putting them in a bowl with water, and then snacking on them in the way you'd eat raw carrots is a terrific method for getting the full health benefits of this cruciferous veggie.

Combine that practice with reducing alcohol intake (if you drink it) and you're sure to see the mid-section go down - which will reduce estrogen and thus improve testosterone levels more than anything.

vitamin d

You have given really nice information in detail and step by step.I think this is true to reduce alcohol intake.This will be really helpful for me.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Mark Paulis

The Dr Max Powers testoterone booster is great - ofcourse it improves sex drive [like large amounts of testosterone would if you take a larger amount], since it is the real deal.

I would definately recommend this product to men whose levels of testosterone were diminishing, as with age.
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