“Good Bodybuilding Meals” for busy people who want quick “muscle building protein”
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“Muscle Building Food” with flavor: Chicken/Rice Salad

Okay… I’ll readily admit that I’m no Wolfgang Puck. I haven’t gone to cooking school and depend on my S.O. for more savory culinary delights when she’s happy to oblige. But on those days of predominant autonomy, I’m often in a hurry and between errands. This makes ‘quick body building meals’ an absolute necessity.

In fact, it’s at times when we’re swamped by a busy schedule that ‘muscle building food’ simply waiting in a big bowl inside the refrigerator is probably the best bet for continued adherence to a “bodybuilding eating plan.”

On the following video is a ‘high protein meal’ that even a non-culinary type (like yours truly) can prepare. A big bowl of this tasty salad can be thrown together relatively quickly and refrigerated for handy access when bodybuilding nutrition is needed in a hurry.

Enjoy… and I encourage you to give feedback when you get a chance.



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