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September 15, 2009


Mr Dean Crawford

Saw an interesting point made by a nutritionist recently regarding the idea of 'comfort-eating' / over-eating and the psychological aspects of food consumption. She suggested that when eating one should't read a magazine, or watch television or do anything else - just eat the food, focus on it. An experiment was conducted with a cinema audience eating popcorn that was, to put it mildly, 'off'. None of them noticed because they were distracted by the film. When made to taste the popcorn after the movie, the visibly recoiled from it. Likewise, when offered good quality popcorn, they really noticed the difference and couldn't believe what they'd been consuming throughout the movie.

Junk food isn't much good for anyone, but because so many eat it 'on-the-fly' or whilst watching TV etc, we become blase about its poor quality taste. Perhaps a good way to help start avoiding an addiction to such food, and develop an appreciation for good quality grub and the foundations of that 'high-performance' personality is to focus on everything that we eat as we eat it. I wouldn't mind betting a lot of junk-food addicts would begin to improve their diet naturally just using this simple observation...

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