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A pretty good summation of the reasons for increasing ‘obesity in Southern States’ reveals itself in the early 1990’s hit movie ‘My Cousin Vinnie.’ For those who’ve seen that flick, you’ll recall a scene in which Vinnie (Joe Pesci) and his fiancé (Marisa Tomei), both from NYC, get their first taste of southern food from a diner they enter in rural Alabama. Vinnie’s mouth drops open as he witnesses every dish on the menu (including the curiosity-invoking “grits”) as it’s fried in lard. He seems stunned to the point of only being able to eke out the rhetorical question:

“Are you guys aware of the ongoing cholesterol problem in the country?”

Of course, “cholesterol” is not the only side effect of such day-in and day-out eating habits. With a whopping nine calories in every gram of dietary fat, it’s easy for us to eventually hit the obesity level when we can see the oil oozing from the foods on our plates. Combined with high starch carbohydrates (like grits), we can end up with a bodily surplus of calories quite easily if we don’t burn them off.

The findings of a study on 'obesity in Southern States' can be attributed to multiple reasons - not the least of which is an inherent and key cultural difference in contrast to other U.S. regions.

This leads us to the second reason for climbing ‘obesity in Southern States’: A trend toward being more sedentary has been on a nationwide upswing. Yet it’s hitting Mississippi rather hard in yet another of those “fattest States” reports. They’re now seeing a 32.5 percent adult obesity rate.

Recently, I spoke with Jean Dean of WRVC Radio in Huntington, WV about this very topic of “obesity in Southern States.” You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the link below.

By-the-way, we didn’t only talk about ‘obesity in Southern States; we also spoke about lean and healthy eating in general. It’s certainly not an exhaustive dissemination of information on the topic – but it can definitely provide some pointers. Enjoy!

The first 21 mins. is my interview on Viewpoint with Jean Dean.

Fast forward to the 18:00 min. mark to hear what HardBody Success is about.


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