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Do you ever look at a peak performing athlete and wonder what would happen if you applied their 'champion mindset' to your life?

What's the secret to focusing like a Tiger Woods or a Michael Phelps? Would adopting such focus help you enhance your career, relationships, and/or fitness level?

Let's look at one of the simple and effective 'champion mindset' techniques of Michael Phelps.

The winner of eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and fourteen gold medals overall, Phelps epitomized the relaxed, focused, and confident athlete while the media attempted to dramatize his closing in on Mark Spitz's Olympic record. Michael Phelps insisted that he was only thinking about what he needed to do to swim as fast as possible. He wasn't focused on Spitz's record; he wasn't focused on his competition; he didn't seem to care who was swimming next to him. In his words to the media:

"You guy's are the ones talking about it (the record). I've not said anything. I'm just doing what I have to do to swim as fast as I can. I have goals I want to accomplish, but my coach and I are the only ones who know what they are."

Peak Performance Mental Focus

Focus like a laser beam on the 'process' of achieving your goal rather than on the finished goal itself. This will enhance your performance and help create in you a 'champion mindset'.

Those are revealing words. The part that sticks out the most for me is… "I'm just doing what I have to do to swim as fast as I can." It reminds me of a piece of wisdom from an old book on success that goes like this:

'The surest, fastest way to become exceptionally successful is to focus passionately and unfalteringly on the process of achieving your goal.'

Notice the word 'process' is underlined. That's because you want to have your focus on these actions rather than on the goal itself. It's a subtle yet very pivotal difference. If we think about the final goal too much, we tend to start getting anxious at the possibility of failure. We begin worrying about what other people think. We might start second-guessing our abilities. In other words, we begin disproportionately focusing too much on everything other than "… doing what we have to do to perform as best we can."

Whatever goals you want to realize, start adopting this 'champion mindset' in your pursuit. Make a clear and concise picture in your mind of your accomplished goal. Then begin determining your required actions and performance levels for attaining it. Once you've determined those actions and performance levels, put all your focus on performing at the best of your ability. Then… keep aiming to outdo your own previous best performance.

This 'champion mindset' can provide you with the relaxed, poised confidence of an elite athlete in everything from your career to your physique enhancement. It might just give you that Michael Phelps type of demeanor while under pressure.



Having a champion mindset is the only way to live a champion life. For as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Thanks for reminding us of this Scott.

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