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When you realize that physique improvement (building your body) is a physical investment that pays both short and long-term dividends, starting and continuing a bodybuilding routine becomes easy. It might be an overwhelming dissatisfaction in your appearance and the way you feel that first drives you to join a gym or purchase that home workout apparatus, but it's the actualization of these ongoing benefits that will keep you building your body for the long-term - preferably a lifetime.

Big arm muscles
Building your body is an 'investment' that pays short and long-term 'dividends'.

Let's look at some of these "dividends":

  • Building your body can help your performance in any sports endeavors you pursue. All else being equal - stronger muscles perform better than weaker, smaller one's.
  • Bigger muscles tend to result in more confidence and assertiveness in their possessor. Increased confidence can produce better performance in every area of life - with benefits that are immeasurable.
  • Building your body (muscles) has been shown to improve bone density. This can pay off invaluably as aging progresses and osteoporosis becomes a threat.
  • More muscle mass makes losing body fat and keeping it off much easier. "Experts" can argue the extent to which muscle mass increases metabolism as long as they want. I know from experience; the more I gain muscle - the less I gain fat.
  • Building your body (in an effective manner) is a great way to learn 'the success formula' for setting goals and achieving them in all areas of your life. Not only that, it tends to etch these lessons at a deeper level than a purely intellectual one. It "installs" them at a subconscious level - where you can act on them positively and automatically.
  • Big and shapely muscles give the body contour resulting in more sex appeal. This contour is what's steadily lost with age if building your body is neglected.
  • If you don't build your body, you will lose muscle at a steady rate after the age of 25. This rate of muscle deterioration begins to accelerate with neglect after the age of 50.

Some benefits are long-term and some are realized quickly. Some are tangible and some are more abstract. The bottom line: Bodybuilding is an investment with dividends that keep on paying.


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