'Muscle Building and Sleep'
'Champion Mindset': Here's a big key to gaining one

"Muscle Building Myths": So much we know that just isn't so

Upper back development

Unlock your natural muscle building potential by focusing on what matters and eliminating what doesn't

Do you ever wonder how many of the seemingly etched-in-stone bodybuilding principles you hear about are really just 'muscle building myths?'  You know the ones I'm referring to if you've been around for awhile; ideas like "muscle confusion," "mega calories," "compound movements build the most size," "quick post-workout protein consumption"… etc., etc.

Is it mere coincidence that I've made the best bodybuilding gains of my life while ignoring the above ideas?  I doubt it; and that's half of the reason I label them 'muscle building myths'. The other half is that they have not a scientific or even logical undergirding to earn the label of sound muscle building principles.

Prior to adopting the principles that actually do pack on natural muscle mass, it makes sense to identify and remove focus from the superfluous, the illusory… the myths that have developed over time. That way, your efforts aren't wasted on things that don't matter.

You can check out more detail at this article: Muscle Building Myths

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