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Are food and gas prices putting the squeeze on your fitness budget? Is a can of protein powder or a few meal replacement packets a bit daunting to pay for? Are you finding yourself searching for 'bodybuilding supplements discounted'?

You're not alone. A rise in worldwide demand relative to supply has sent the price of protein powders up at many times the speed that anyone's muscles are growing from their use. It makes one seriously consider using the old 1950's recipe for homemade protein concoctions: low-fat milk mixed with powdered milk; lactose-intolerance be damned.

Protein powder image_smoothie shake (old fashioned class) A good quality, price-discounted bodybuilding protein powder mixed with a few inexpensive grocery items can make for a tasty, nutritious, muscle-building MRE

If you're like I am, you're busy. We don't always have time to prepare bodybuilding meals. We need to eat nutrient-dense foods while flying by the seats of our pants. This often requires use of the ubiquitous MRE; Meal Ready to Eat. These are the bodybuilding meals in a packet that can be blended into a tasty smoothie and consumed within a few minutes.

The challenge: finding a decent MRE that isn't creeping up in price at the same rate as its protein sources. Discovering one would fall right at the top of the list in the context of 'bodybuilding supplements discounted.'

I spoke about this with a buddy of mine who owns a nutritional supplement store. We concluded that a person could easily put together a nutrient dense MRE that will help build muscle and break down body fat without breaking their bank account. The real key is finding a quality and tasty protein powder that's sold at a reasonable price - then blender mixing that with some low-cost, nutrient-dense food items.

I've seen a whey protein powder at one of the major discount stores here in the States for as low as $19.00 for 23 servings. Another acquaintance of mine, who's on a really tight bodybuilding budget, swears this stuff's got 'truth-in-labeling' as good as any. It touts about 36 grams of protein on the label - so assuming it's true, let's throw in some other ingredients and look at our costs:

  • Protein Powder .83¢
  • Low Fat Yogurt (1 cup .75¢)
  • Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon) .21¢
  • Cooked Oats (one cup dry) .27¢
  • Frozen Strawberries (1 1/2 cups) $1.50
  • Sucralose (2 packets) .06¢

For the 'bodybuilding supplements discounted' seekers, this entire meal replacement comes out to a money-sparing three dollars and sixty-two cents. In addition, it's 'muscle-friendly' and 'body-fat antagonistic.'

Amazingly, cooked oatmeal is not detectable by one's taste buds when blended with flavor-rich ingredients. You won't even know it's in the smoothie. Simply cook a huge container of it and keep it in your refrigerator - ready for the blender. This will add an awesome source of inexpensive, low glycemic, energy-extending carbohydrates. It's a 'bodybuilding supplements discounted' seeker's dream-come-true.

The low fat yogurt adds a little more protein, some consistency, and a few more low-glycemic carbs.

Olive Oil adds some good fat (monounsaturated) for better cholesterol ratios and building blocks for testosterone production.

The strawberries are low glycemic and vitamin rich - while the sucralose just sweetens things up a bit for palatability.

If you're looking for 'bodybuilding supplements discounted' and you can't find an MRE that suits your budget and your needs, simply get creative. You might come up with something your body likes better than what the manufacturers have to offer.


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I had the thought once of adding oatmeal to a shake, but was always worried about what it would do to the taste. Now that you've said it doesn't mess with the flavor I may just have to try it out!

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