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Not many people know Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training better than I do. I went through it’s Hell Week (1980s version) twice. I will never forget what it was like to go through the ‘combat conditioning’ of a “combat swimmer”.

But if someone flashed a ‘combat conditioning’ book based on basic Navy SEAL training in front of me and told me they were going to use it to improve their body’s appearance, I’d say “hoooooold-up there maaacho dude; I don’t think that’s the best way to go.”

‘Combat conditioning’ might help you with helping your neighbors move into their new house on a Saturday afternoon, but it probably won’t change your appearance much.

If you’d like to read an article that gets more detailed about my take on ‘combat conditioning’, just click on the referenced link.

To take an interesting look at what the U.S. Marines are doing for ‘combat conditioning’, you can check out this really cool video below.  You’ve got to admire the resourcefulness of these guys. The way they use each other’s body weight for added resistance is interesting.


Click here for the video.


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