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If you want bigger upper arms, there’s an idea you should consider: The size of the upper arms might be limited by the gripping strength of your forearms. If you strengthen and build your forearms, the increased gripping strength and wrist power will positively affect your power for upper arm curls, and thus increase your overall arm size.

It might have been bodybuilding legend ‘Larry Scott’ who first hypothesized this; I don’t remember off hand. I can only attest that it’s true from my own experience.

A major key to be aware of when attempting to add forearm size and strength is this muscle’s extreme susceptibility to overtraining. That’s probably the biggest reason for lack of progress in forearm growth. The forearms are worked indirectly during every upper arm exercise. In addition, they’re worked every time you pick up a ratchet or screwdriver and start wrenching on something under the hood of your car, or kitchen sink, or bathroom fixture, or whatever. We use this muscle often in everyday life without realizing it. This allows “under-recuperation” between workouts to easily become the culprit in a forearm growth plateau.

For the reason just stated, I’ve backed off my forearms and shown positive results for my restraint. I’m down to super infrequent workouts with the Super Gripper by Ivanko and the area between my wrists and elbows is getting meatier and veinier (is that a word?).

The ‘Super Gripper’ by Ivanko? Yeah… I’ve never found a better forearm building apparatus than this. It’s the only one that provides “incremental overload” for grip strength/forearm growth. The clever design and spring adjustments allow for this critical principle of bodybuilding progress. They’re available here if you want one.


Bigger Forearms and Better Grip Strength is best acquired through "incremental overload"

And remember… grip strength is important in sports like tennis, baseball, martial arts, etc. So bigger forearms through improved grip strength won’t just look better and support upper arm growth; they’ll probably improve your game as well.


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