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Just the other day, I saw a person at the gym performing a deltoid workout that was possibly an exercise in deprivation of positive benefit through a sort of butchering of exercise technique. It was in the middle of my pec workout and… low and behold… there they were; doing alternate front dumbell raises. The biggest error I saw was that the dumbells were being raised all the way to the top; to the point where the dumbell was overhead and the upper arm was alongside the ear.

Now, I’m not one to tell people that they HAVE to follow my advice. A person is absolutely free to perform an exercise in any manner they choose (hopefully without hurting themselves… or someone else). But let me just say that this individual was performing a big range of motion – half of which was a complete waste of time and effort.

Actually, the entire front deltoid exercise was being rendered nearly useless by “alternating” and going all the way to the top.

Do you want big shoulders? Do you want them to appear wider, thicker – effectively offsetting your waistline and giving you the best V-shape possible?

Well, for bigger shoulders, you need to keep more “constant tension” on them than this. When you perform front dumbell raises by bringing the dumbells anywhere above the point in which the upper arms are parallel with the floor, you’ve stopped working the target area.

Moreover, if you alternate between your right and left side while making this error, you will inadvertently put tension on the target area about 25% of the time that you should.

If you’ve been attempting to build big shoulders by using the method the individual I mentioned was using, try this instead: Raise both your right and left arms simultaneously and only raise them to the point where your hands are level with your eyes.

This “big shoulders” workout tip goes for side lateral raises as well.

Happy Training!


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