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It’s been a while since I’ve written here, but I think readers would rather find something useful in a blog entry than meaningless ramblings.  However, I’m actually kicking myself in the butt for not dispensing before the Christmas/New Year season the simple tip I’m going to share with you here. It might have been far more helpful at that time. But, alas… here I am sharing it now, at the start of ‘08, and it could actually be better used to start your New Year than to end the previous one.

How many of you who’ve struggled to lose body fat have tried ADDING food to your daily meals rather than subtracting it? I know… it sounds like I’m losing it (something other than body fat) but stick with me. I did this over the ’07 Christmas/New Year season and it worked wonders. I ate some cheese cake and I ate drank some eggnog, but I didn’t gain body fat.

How did I do that?

I added two scoops of whey protein (along with a tablespoon of olive oil), three times a day, to my daily food intake for that nearly two-week period. This had two effects: 1) It displaced high-calorie foods I might have otherwise filled that void in my stomach with, and 2) It kept my blood sugar lower each day while also helping keep a positive nitrogen balance for my muscles.

Think about it: Even if you have a tendency to eat junk food, you’ll probably eat a lot less of it if you have  a small “protein foundation” in your stomach. A bit of whey protein can help you feel satiated so you’re not ravenous when it’s time for a full meal.


Since whey protein digests a bit quickly by itself, I recommend adding a little oil. This will slow down digestion of the protein. I like using Olive Oil (monounsaturated fat), but I know people who prefer a small scoop of old-fashioned peanut butter (no sugar added). If you go the peanut butter route, remember to be careful because, although it’s satiating – it’s also calorie-dense.

You can read about all the benefits of whey protein right here:

If you’re looking to lose body fat in the New Year, I highly recommend you give this technique a try in order to get the ball rolling with some easy fat loss.



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