Secrets to Developing Great Pectorals
Weight Training, ‘Functional Training’, and Navy SEAL Training

How Improving Your Body provides a Blueprint for Life Success

One of the most successful businessmen I’ve ever encountered, a multi-millionaire real estate developer, is also a life-long bodybuilder. He claims that within the foundation of every building he’s ever erected is a barbell plate; his personal homage to a pastime that’s provided him the lessons and wisdom for creating an extraordinary life. What better form of symbolic gesture could be enacted for paying tribute to a sport and pastime that possesses the power to teach so much?

Learning how to successfully improve your body can teach you the laws and habits of success in every area of your life. It has the power to not only teach you these laws and habits, but to imprint them into your cellular structure. Physique improvement can turn you into a better goal-setter, teach you how to create effective strategies and tactics, and make you sensitive to feedback that signals need for adjustment in moving toward your goals. It can plant patterns of success into your deeper mind so they become automatic to you.

Furthermore, the world of physique improvement is like a microcosm of patterns that occur in the bigger world. We’ve all observed how quick buck artists come and go in the business world while truly committed business people have staying power that creates long-term success. This is analogous to the contrast between the chronic steroid user in the gym whose fit body is oftentimes a flash in the pan next to the life-long natural who acquires the patience and wisdom to create bodybuilding gains that last. It seems that the quest for nearly immediate gratification at the forfeiture of long-term commitment and discipline invariably brings hollow and fleeting results – context independent and across the board. To the contemplative observer and doer, this is shown through as a spiritual truth.

Improving one’s physique is not the superficial pastime that it was once believed to be. That is – if you don’t allow it to become such an endeavor. When used as the cornerstone for both good health and a blueprint for life success, it becomes a pastime with invaluable and nearly incalculable payoffs. To learn how to better use bodybuilding and fitness for this purpose, you can check out my 230-page training manual, HardBody Success at It is jam-packed with cutting-edge nuggets of information and specific techniques on how to apply your mind to fitness success, as well as success in every other area of your life.


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